fade-leftfade-rightYou didn't get into the public sector to cut services? Did you?

Beat the Cuts - How to Improve Public Services and Easily Cut Costs

The public sector has started implementing cuts. This is already decimating service... but it doesn't have to. There is another way.

Rob Worth copyMy name is Rob Worth and I am an expert specialising in helping public sector bodies improve service and drastically cuts costs. I sat down to write this book to share the proven techniques that will make delivering these cuts seem easy. I know that as public sector leader you are under pressure to:

  • Cut budgets
  • Axe services

Can you balance these pressures with the reasons that you got into public services?

  • Save services
  • Meet the public's needs
  • Inspire staff
  • Create and sustain radical change

The book shows what to do so that the needs of cost cutting and your desire to serve the public don't contradict each other.